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MEMOIR BRIEFS is passion for grandparent stories for your family tree


Be sure to return for web page updates... about memories and stories in your life you want your grandchildren to read about...


...Tell them what your grandad said or get him to tell his story, you know the one   "...back in the old days..."story, you know, that he told you over and over you wish you had of recorded it.

The process is:  An hour Zoom interview, the words*, are transferred to text, into the mini album, as a hard copy. Not a full biography, just some  significant highlights they wish to tell

The album is strictly your private album, shared only with your family and is not published for the public 

Variations of:*  Main titles, if more than 25 pages, One-on-one Zoom camera interview or  travel within Sydney basin in face to face meetings, additional photos, historic research searches, costs are added    

The family ascendants can read their tales, that weird yarn,  memorable war myths, amazing events, significant legends, fantastic experiences, shared for future generations to enjoy

Your most important stories, favoured memories for your future generations

are recorded into your family tree in an album.

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